Monday, September 27, 2010

Deckstravaganza: I thought you guys were done?!?

Well, you thought wrong, grasshopper. While the deck has been fully constructed for about two months and legal since mid-August, we've been squabbling with Mother Nature in an effort to truly, truly check this beastly project off our to-do list. 

We still need to stain the wood so all of our handiwork isn't eaten away by bugs and rot. But, seeing as how it has rained about every 36 hours this summer, we couldn't get the window we needed to clean the deck and apply the stain. Now, with a stretch of seven dry days ahead of us, we are ready. We spent Sunday scrubbing the deck down and tonight, we'll stain it! Then, it's just two days of drying and we're officially DONE.


  1. Plus the waterproofing, right? Or is that included in the stain? I'm never stained a deck before, but I used spar urethane on my wood bench outside with fabulous results.

  2. Thankfully we're using a stain and sealant in one. With the sun going down so dang early, we only got the rails done last night!


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