Monday, March 1, 2010

Yarn love

I'm a huge fan of the Daily Danny blog. It's full of awesome ideas for upcycling and making something beautiful. A few weeks ago, he asked for some reader ideas for turning janky old Goodwill mugs into something worthy of admiration. I threw out my favorite craft-standby: wrap that thing in yarn! When in doubt, smothering any object in yarn will probably give you something that looks just homemade enough to be sweet while not being too Martha-esque.

Well, he liked that idea! He liked it the most! I was so flattered because people were giving really awesome ideas (chalkboard painted herb gardens, mosaics, wall art, organizers...really cool stuff). So, if you're stopping by by way of Danny's post: welcome!

I've spent the past few nights fighting with some St. Patrick's Day decorations, so I'm hoping I can crack that mess tonight and share a simple knitting project soon. At least I can feel like I have the backing of a professional if I cave and just wrap the whole project in layers of chunky wool.

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