Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Big hair, big dreams

I've been on the hunt for a good dry shampoo for about a year now. I've tried a few different kinds, but none really met my exacting standards of perfect hair and total laziness. My sister has a nose for these types of things and has refused to leave the house without teasing her hair since she was about 15.

She directed me to Walgreens and said a seriously old-man looking product, Psst, would make my dry shampoo dreams come true.

I picked some up yesterday when I happened to be at Walgreens picking up a dozen Cadbury eggs and a pack of Sweet Tart gummy bunnies (another product stamped with the Alexson Seal of Approval) envelopes. When I first saw the packaging, I'll admit it - I was scared. Is the perfect hair product really lurking behind this 70s shaving cream exterior?

Turns out, yes. I sprayed my roots and brushed them out then waltzed into the kitchen to declare that I would never shower again (my chronic exaggerations are part of my charm - I showered this morning). It was that good.

Not only that, but when I woke up this morning, my Psst-ed hair was HUGE. It had fluffed overnight and not in that uglybedhead way. In a luxe, symmetrical way. I was sad to have to pull it into a ponytail for the gym. Heartbroken. I longed for the weekend when I could Psst at night and share my oversized, bubbly hair with the world.

Sheesh. An original recipe and beauty advice? Whose blog is this?

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  1. Alexson, Your blogs crack me up. You are an amazing writer! I'm home with a sick baby today and was cruising through Facebook (the laundry and cleaning can wait, right?) and saw your blog about the deck project. I think I may have to try this hair stuff- Laura uses some expensive brand but I'm a cheapskate and won't buy it. I've been looking for a good dry shampoo too- thanks for your advice- keep writing! I love it!!! We'll see you in a few weeks at Aunt Patty's.-Kelly


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