Thursday, March 4, 2010

One Thing Thursdays: Volume Three

Creve Couer, Missouri

It's hitting 40 all week and we are finally starting to emerge from underneath all this snow. I actually saw grass the other day. You don't realize how exciting that is until you've been buried under multiple feet of snow for four months. Anyway, the promise of spring has got me jonesing for some outdoor fun.

My one thing: Sailing on Creve Couer Lake

Growing up in the Lou, a little breeze and a free afternoon were all we needed to head over to Creve Couer Lake in Creve Couer, Missouri (a suburb of the glorious Lou). It's a small lake with a beach and boat ramp and just a few minutes from where I grew up.

Now, before this starts to sound too idyllic, take note: Creve Couer Lake is actually some kind of drainage pond. That means, if you reach your hand out of the boat to feel the speed of the water, you are NOT putting it back in the bag of chips. YUCK. Also, it means small, yappy dogs may get digestive issues if they drink the water. But, you know, you make do. And it's better than spending the afternoon at the mall.

A quick sail is hands-down the best way to cure what ails ya. After this crank-ass winter, I do believe we all need a cold beer and a nice wind.

If you have time for two things: Run through Lion's Choice for a roast beef sandwich and grab some extra sauce. It's a chain, but a local chain. And it's the best roast beef ever in the whole world.

P.S. Happy Grammar Day!

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  1. Argh, matey!

    Thar's a fine sailing craft now...the Sea Witch! (nicely done...)

    Capt'n Ralph


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