Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What has become of us?

Our Christmas lights are still up.
My mother accused me of slipping into dangerously redneck waters, even.
It's not all bad, though.
We unplugged them on January 1, the day I'd normally get out and de-holiday.
At first, we had the excuse of the extreme cold and the fact that our decorations were buried under 4 feet of snow.
Still, I convinced hubs to tromp out in the snow and at least remove the big wreath we had hanging on our front roof pitch. He's a trooper for that.
Then, the snow melted, but it was always raining.
I actually considered turning the lights on a few times to let the Jimmy John's delivery guy or party guests easily find us. I figured that as long as they were there, they might as well be useful.
Yesterday, March FIFTEENTH, I came home from work to find him taking lights off bushes and starting to take them off the roof.
We had borrowed our neighbors extra-tall ladder to put lights up on the higher points of the roof. Said neighbor was not currently home.
So, right now we've got a nest of Christmas lights knotted up in the corner of the lower part of the roof, connected to the hard-to-reach lights.
With more rain in the forecast, there is a serious possibility that I'll have Christmas decorations up on the first day of spring.

What's the longest you've gone?

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