Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Baker's woman

So, I rarely bake sweet things. There was a slightly traumatizing cookie exchange incident that ruined me for life. Someday, when my wounds have fully healed, I’ll share more about the gray cookies I made and actually presented to others.

It was awful, but I made my way back to the Kitchenaid and pulled myself up by my bootstraps in the name of beer-infused cupcakes.

First, I had to prepare my area:
Leftover wedding wine was a must.

As was this adorable ruffly apron Brittney made (the girl knows her way around a sewing machine!) for me. Rumor has it, these puppies are about to land in an Etsy store so that you may also look so ravishing whilst you bake. (The bunny slippers and sassypantsfashionface are my own contributions to this stunning look).

I used this recipe, but substituted Young’s Chocolate Stout for the Guinness. They were lovely. And they were devoured.

I also had this lovely floral arrangement, sitting prettily on the dining room table to greet guests.

But, it was promptly eaten by this cat, whom I was able to capture perfectly in this hideous photo.

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