Monday, March 15, 2010

Knitting nemesis

As a new knitter, I get a little slaphappy when I wander down the yarn aisle at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. In my quest to knit myself a sweet lacy spring scarf, I strayed from my standby yarn - Lion Brand Wool Ease. It's getting warmer and I really don't need such hefty stuff. So, I went for something much thinner with some crazy flecks.
Oh, I loved it. It would look so perfect and fresh. But then, my yarn turned on me.

In a violent coup, the yarn began to knot and separate in all the wrong places. I wrestled with it, biting my tongue in frustration as I tried to knit two stitches together and kept breaking through the yarn. I even called in reinforcements in the form of Trip and hubs to take revenge on the offensive yarn and untangle it respectively.

I had bought two skeins, so I just gave up on the first. The yarn was overworked and covered in cat spit.

Enter skein two.

It's not a perfect ball of yarn, but it's much more well behaved than its comrade. A few splits and a few less-than-ladylike words later and I've got a half-finished, totally wonky and bizarre scarf. I will not stray from the good yarn again.

Disclaimer: I do not spend all waking hours warring against inanimate objects. Just a few. You do it, too, I bet.

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