Friday, March 26, 2010


What does a highly weird, newly minted 27 year old do for her birthday weekend, you probably wonder. Allow me to shed some light:
  • She takes the Friday before the Sunday birfday off work. Naturally.
  • She spends that Friday throwing herself a solo party dubbed the Sip and Shine. Other party guests include a bottle of leftover wedding champagne, a carpet shampooer, a toothbrush, some dirty shower grout and obnoxious 90s music.
  • She eats a lot of cheese.
  • She watches Wet Hot American Summer.
  • She reminds everyone that in the Lou, the weather is almost always sunny and 70 with leaves on trees this time of year.
  • She goes out for brunch with her husband and sticks to the weekend diet of bubbly and cheese.
  • She opens presents!
  • She shares this birthday with two musically talented ladies:
  • That's Reba and Lady GaGa, duh.
  • She plans to gets a little rowdy at a Willie Nelson concert. However, these plans get thwarted.
  • She pouts for a few minutes.
  • She instead celebrates by shopping for fancy salts and having a beer in the afternoon.

See you all Monday!

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