Monday, March 8, 2010

Bunt in the oven

What gets your St. Pat's-lovin', beer-guzzlin' engine goin'? Is it knitted bunting flags? Well, great.
How convenient, that you, my esteemed reader have such a soft spot for knitted bunting flags as I. You see, I've spent the past few weeks lovingly knitting these little guys in anticipation of our annual St. Pat's pah-tay.
Because what says, "I want to honor my Irish ancestors" quite like knitted flags. For that matter, what else screams, "Tap that keg; kiss me I'm Irish; woooo hoo, got my party dress on!" quite like this little handicraft? Nothing I've ever seen, that's darn tootin'.

(Question: how many missin' Gs can I include in one post?)

I must confess, I did take a shortcut on this project. You see, I was supposed to do an applied icord to attach the individual flags together, but that's like, really hard. I tried a bazillion times and was getting quite cantankerous. So, I knit a super long icord and then stitched it to each flag. And you can't even tell the difference. That's my kind of shortcut - the invisible one.

For those of you who knit, any tips on doing an applied icord? Any videos that don't stink? (And because I hate to leave anyone out) For you non-knitters, how you livin'?

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