Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Homebrew widow

While the title of this post might imply a general grumpiness with hub's homebrew hobby, make no mistake - a husband who homebrews (hombrews well at least) is an AWESOME husband. I mean, how else does a girl get her hands on lovingly crafted artisan beers made in her honor? She doesn't. And she might be sad. Still, I'm not to hip to the exacting science that is brewing beer. I'm not exactly known for precision, patience or the ability to adhere to directions in the kitchen.

Anywho, since I'm not a huge help in the brewing process (finished beer smells great, but brewing beer smells a tad funky for my tastes), I was thrilled to see this cool event at Living History Farms this Saturday.

For $25, we'll get samples of beer and yummy local breads and we'll learn a bit more about brewing. Good deal. I'm happy to get all boozily-educated about hubs' passion. After all, he's becoming a bit of a grammar curmudgeon, so I should return the favor, right?

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