Thursday, March 25, 2010

One Thing Thursdays: Gulf Shores, Alabama

My people are beach-vacationing people. The kind who rent condos and houses and fill them to the brim with floaties and family, friends and frosty beverages. The kind who build ramshackle beach camps with three gazebos, four umbrellas, a beat up boom box and an upside down styrofoam sailboat. The kind who can easily spend a full week not once getting up out of a beach chair, except to go out to dinner.

Gulf Shores is good for people like mine.

My one thing to do in Gulf Shores: Get crab claws at Sea n Suds.

Not from Sea n Suds, from another place. Sorry, I didn't have pictures!

Sea n Suds is exactly the restaurant you expect to find on a pier in southern Alabama (actually, it reminds me a lot of the Crab Shack on Tybee) - kind of junky in a purposeful way. But, you're not their for the predictable decor. No, friend, you are there for crab claws. I have no idea if they are fresh and I don't care, either (I think they are, though because they are market price). They. Are. Good. Battered and fried, these simple little crab claws even please people who don't like seafood.

If you have time for two things, rent a sailboat in the bay. Stop by the grocery store and get some fresh shrimp to snack on and cruise off into the sunset.


  1. Correction....

    The sailboat is/was plastic and styrofoam!

    Cap'n Ralph!


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