Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tipping points

Des Moines isn't a huge city, but it's big enough to make its own fun. Once we hit this spring thaw, weekends are loaded with awesome events that you won't find in other cities. I'm talking about the Baconfests, the Prohibition Parties, the Beer & Bread events, the Oktoberfests, etc. These events are great and I'm so glad we have unique events to keep this city hopping.

But, I have a beef. You see, these events usually grow really fast. Case in point: Oktoberfest. The first few years, when it was at Hessen Haus, I loved it. It was a blast to wander around the street outside the German bar and listen to polka and see precious little old ladies in their polka finery. Within a few years, though, the event outgrew Hessen Haus, moved to the ball park and stopped the German music early in the night to switch to a cover band. Hrmph. Sucked all the Germanic fun outta the whole thing. There was quite a stink raised about the big changes.

I actually had a fleeting thought at Beer & Bread over the weekend, "This is so fun; ohmygosh, I hope it stays the same size next year. I don't want to fight strangers for olive bread samples." Am I alone in hating how quickly the quirky little events in Des Moines become crushing mobs? Or am I just too grumpy to see the fun?

Of course, I want these events to be successful; they make Des Moines a better place to live. I'm not sure what the solution is, but I think we just need even more awesomeness. Clearly, we're hungry for these types of events if we're willing to pack in like sardines. I'd love to see more more more odd (and affordable) parties and events that cater to all kinds of interests. The Des Moines Social Club is off to a great start!

What do you think, can intimate events keep their charm (and elbow room) as they grow?

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