Saturday, January 2, 2010

For next year

Our new(ish) house boasts a basement fireplace. Until Christmas decorations went up, I neglected it and it got the regular basement treatment (re: we decorated it with junk that didn't make the cut to stay upstairs).

I know this isn't the most timely post, but I did want to share how I crafted up the fireplace for hella cheap.

I bought a cheap-o straw wreath at Michael's and wrapped it in some lux green yarn. A few faux pinecones and tiny ornaments and I was set. ($13)

I picked up a few floral cones and wrapped them in rustic ivory yarn. ($10)

The finished product! I also added three vases with some rice, ribbon and gold taper candles to balance the tree trio ($3). With our socks and mini trees, we were all set for Santa!

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