Monday, January 4, 2010

Blast from the past: Cold weather leg garb

The post below was written by me a while ago and then got lost in my laziness. It seems pertinent because the high in my world today was negative 3, I think

The seasons changed overnight here in Iowa. It's that perfect, crispy fall air that got me thinking about how I might keep warm and toasty if the wedding day is cold in the way only Iowa can be.

Right now, I've got lovely purple peeptoes with big, gaudy bows and a plan to have dark red tootsies peeking out. If it's super cold, though, I'm going to don some eggplant-colored tights I bought five years ago in New Zealand (fact: tights and skinny jeans were huge there at least two years before they caught on in the U.S. Kiwis are adventerous dressers.) and cute grey felt pumps I picked up at Payless a few weeks ago.

Seriously, how cute is this!

Almost cute enough to make me wish for some 30-degree weather and light snow!

I've also got an antique mink shawl from my grand-grandma that I could toss over my shoulders. I'm not normally an animal pelt-wearing gal, but this dainty 50s heirloom is the exception to the rule. Let's focus on the loveliness of wearing something from my great-grandma and not the ickiness of wearing a carcass, shall we?

Do you have alternate accessory plans for your wedding day?

Disclaimer: My actual wedding day turned out to be a total surprise - 70 and sunny in November in Iowa! I was sweating and bare legged and peep-toed and it was glorious. But, I did throw that mink on for a few photo opps later on in the evening. It was too pretty to let lay on the back of my mom's chair.

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