Thursday, January 28, 2010


First, don't laugh. Second, prepare to be amazed.

I'm signing up to do a 5k. As in, I'm planning on r-u-n-n-i-n-g three-ish miles. Without stopping. Without muttering bad words. Without crying.

This, from a girl who refused to run the Mile Run in elementary school and who could (and almost does) survive happily on just cheese and crusty breads.

Luckily, headphones are allowed and my husband agreed to run at my pace, no matter how much it pains him.

We haven't officially signed up yet, but we will. It's kind of why I'm posting this. A promise is a promise!

Anyone have any suggestions for fun 5ks in Des Moines? That are flat?


  1. The beaverdash is flat and also the red flannel run is pretty flat. The st paddy's day run in wdm has a 5k too I believe. . Red flannel run is downtown in a couple of weeks. Her is the beaverdash site

  2. Beaverdash is definitley on my list!

  3. We're working to get a 5K lined up early May at TimberPine and will have a Pumpkin Run late September. Not sure what your timeline is for this feat.

    Good luck!


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