Thursday, January 14, 2010

On busyment

Yes. A made up word. For a person who reads grammar and language books for fun, I sure do take some liberties with the English language.

Anywho, I must say that my crafting extravaganza is going well so far. Of the three projects I currently have going, I have to say that knitting is my favorite. I just learned last night, but I am totally digging how much I’ve already learned. Calligraphy is nice, too, but I get the distinct feeling it might be too precise for a gal like me. Chunky, imperfect knits, though? Lovely. And the third project – the redo of our side entry way and hall – is of course not fun. Rewarding and worth it, but not all that relaxing. More on these later.

With all this going on, I’ve barely had time to sit still this week and I forgot how much I missed that. The holidays were busy, too, but it was a different kind of busy. November and December were all about hurrying up and finishing so I could relax and enjoy. A very good kind of busy and a very worthy end, but kind of stressful. Now, the busyment is more focused with tangible results. Just like vacuuming with a Dyson is more fun because you can see the dirt, this kind of busyment is more calming.

What’s your favorite kind of busy?

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