Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In which I get all hippie dippie on ya

So. Hubs and I were supposed to go to Panama. We bought the plane tickets on a whim and all was well. We were set to scurry to a land of ex-pats and yogis and snorkeling.
Until I started reading some travel forums. It seemed like every reviewer of our intended destination had a horror story – drugged drinks, hotel break-ins, near attacks, muggings, a gol-dang serial killer on the loose. Not to mention the other sad posts about how environmentally irresponsible a lot of the tourism and development is down there. Not a freaking word about the peaceful yoga on the beach or sweet hippie freaks I'd read about two months ago.

These were bad vibes, man. I could tell that this was not going to be the relaxing trip we had wanted. Who could relax when there is constantly that one story about that one couple in the back of your mind? How can you enjoy a snorkel excursion when people are standing on living reefs and ruining them? The short answer is that we cannot. The vibes would not allow it.

Now, obviously, I’m not the most green gal in these parts, but I don’t really want to pay hundreds of dollars and travel for 24 hours to watch nature be blatantly destroyed by a tourism industry that seems to be growing too fast for itself. And I’m not a huge freaking travel chicken, either. I've traveled alone and wandered through cities at night, but this felt different. I don’t want to test my theory that Panama was giving Hubs and I some seriously bad juju.
So, the tickets have all been cancelled and we are back to square one. We lost a few hundred on this deal, which sweetholybuckets, hurt my soul and my cheapness, but as my husband so wisely put it, “If we went and were robbed/injured/worse, I would rather watch the money burn.”

Have you ever cancelled a trip because of bad vibes? Or, on a lighter note – where should we go now? We’re thinking Napa or the Keys because we seem to be incredibly yuppie this year. Next thing you know I'll be wearing sweaters around my shoulders and buying a poodle. Isn't that what happens after you check in to a Sandals?


  1. Also, you'll be carrying Starbucks. I think that's how the yuppie world works.

  2. Hi! I'm a fellow Iowan and enjoy reading your blog. My husband and I went to Key West for our honeymoon 8 (woah) years ago, and had such a great time. We spent part of nearly every day lounging at the beach, which was so relaxing. Once in awhile it's nice not to be in a big city for vacation. Plenty to do and see, all at a much slower pace!

  3. I'm really glad to hear you cancelled the Bocas trip. I was aware of the environmentally irresponsible tourism and didn't think it sounded like your kind of place (at least from what I know about you from your blog)! Check out Costa Rica, especially the Caribbean Coast. It's a great place for independent travelers. Have fun planning your new trip :)

  4. I recommend Napa, it is knock out beautiful and of course the wine..

  5. Poodles with monogrammed collars!

  6. Interesting post. Honestly, there is no substitute for intuition. I'm glad you're going with your gut on this one. Unfortunately I can't offer much on the subject of sustainable tourism...


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