Monday, July 12, 2010

Signs I Might Be Crazy, Installment Five

Been a while since I brought out the nuttiness around here and frankly, I miss it. So, without further ado - the two songs I (who am a terribly nervous flier and once muttered horribly un-lady-like things at an old woman after enduring a particularly shaky and life-threatening flight from Lisbon) listen to when I need to calm down on flights.

Making sense, everyday.*

*Also my blog's motto, except replace "sense" with "cents." My day job is in no way threatened by me becoming a full-time blogger.
**When spell-checking this bad boy, Blogger said "blog's" was misspelled. Fo' realz? That's wack.


  1. For such a well seasoned traveler I wouldn't have pegged you as a nervous flier! Listening to Free Falling as you take off? Doesn't that seem to be tempting fate a bit? :)

  2. It can't be explained, dude. It just works. I mean, it's just be too much of a coincidence to die in a plan crash while listening to Free Fallin, right? It'll never happen.


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