Thursday, July 22, 2010

One Thing Thursday: Golden, Colorado

About a year ago, Hubs and I headed west for my childhood pal's lovely mountaintop wedding. My parents and little sister were driving over from St. Louis and meeting us there. Since the wedding was on a Friday, we had Saturday to hang out and enjoy Golden, which might be the cutest little western town I've ever seen. (I've been in Colorado for all of 64 hours in my life, so clearly, I am an expert.)

Anyway, here's one thing you should do in Golden: Watch people tube down Clear Creek. Or, do it yourself if you like 35 degree water and near-drowning.

Clear Creek is made up mostly of run-off from the snow in the mountains and it's also the creek that makes Coors fresh from the Rockies. It's a short float from the library parking lot to the hopping out point, but it's a little rough and majorly cold, so I'm sure it feels longer than it is.

Little Sister Tubing, a Photo Essay.

Before floating, Nervy St. Nerverson:

During floating, smile pretty:

After floating, not dead:

Not even considering floating, looking forward to a Coors:
If you have time for two things: A quick stroll around Red Rocks Park/Amphitheater is cool. I wish we could have had more time to see a concert there, but it wasn't in the cards.

Disclaimer: I noticed that people in Colorado are just a smidge more outdoorsy and active than people in Iowa. So, I'm sure that if a person from Golden (a Goldenite?) was writing this list, it'd have things like "scale a mountain," "wrestle a cougar" or "kayak up a mountain." That's just not how I roll. Not. At. All.

PS: Did you notice I didn't mention food in this one? Like, at all? I'm proud.

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