Thursday, July 8, 2010

Things I did/didn't kill

I'm not good with plants. My track record probably is well known among plants in central Iowa and all the mom plants threaten their annoying kid plants, saying that if they don't start behaving and crawl up that trellis, we're going to put you on super sale and Alexson is going to buy you and then you'll be sorry.

Plants I've killed recently:
  • One orchid, due to lack of light but not enthusiasm for spraying worm poop. April 2007-May 2007
  • Another orchid, bought with much trepidation and though the flowers all fell off and the stick that's left is getting shrively, it remains on my dresser and I'll keep watering it, just in case it wants to come back. May 2010-July 2010, but maybe not
  • One sensitive plant, purchased to soften up my kitchen sink area, currently in the same zombie regimine as Orchid Two (above). May 2010-July 2010
But, every once in a great while, I surprise myself. Case in point: These zinnias, which we started from seeds way back in March.

Lovely, right? I can't wait until they fill out a smidge more, but I'm not holding my breath, here. Clearly, I was made for having a yard full of perennials that will faithfully spring up every year no matter how I abuse them.

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