Monday, July 12, 2010


So, how's this for a good way to start the week? Our little deck project and DIY patio was featured on Remodelaholic. As in the blog which fuels my DIY fire. As in flipping awesome.Or, as Brittney said, "Squeal!"
So, if you've made your way here from there, welcome!


  1. I'm over from Remodelaholic, in DSM also. You hooked me with your patio in winter picture which I could swear one of my FB friends posted, but I think all of our patios looked like that this winter :/ Your neighborhood looks eerily familiar and I'm totally loving reading thru your blog and finding another DSM blogger :) Congrats on the remodelaholic feature!

    ~Kelli @ Smidgens

  2. Capt Ralph totally awsome Dude!

  3. I know I am way behind on these posts but I LOVE your deck remodel and am super bummed I missed the party! Great Job Alexson and Hubs!



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