Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh, opera!

Earlier this week, Hubs and I trotted ourselves to the Des Moines Metro Opera's Susannah. It was both of our first time at the opera, so it was really exciting.

First things first, though. Q: What does a gal with a blow up pool in her back yard and a past flecked with mosh pits and neon hair dye wear to the opera?

A: The dress she wore to her bridal shower in Chicago, frilly wedges and a vintage clutch she recently picked up when going through Nana's cast offs.

Sweet, right? It's got a very snappy clasp and I think I might someday accidentally lose a phalange to it.

Anyway, once we were all preened and pretty, we set off to Indianola, about a half hour away for the show.

I had no idea what to expect as this was not only my first opera, but an English-language opera with a modern story line. Usually when I hear English operas on NPR on weekends, I don't like them, so I was a little nervous. Seeing it in person, though, was a different story. The singers' voices were amazing. I couldn't believe that actual people in the same room as me could make those noises. I was in awe the whole time. I can't wait to go back and see a more traditional opera.

Have you been to the opera? What'd you think?

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