Thursday, July 15, 2010

One Thing Thursdays: Where are you going?

This here post is like, supah old in blog world, but I just found it and I think every single person ever should read it. It won't cure cancer or solve world hunger, but it will probably make you a more proactive person AND in the end, you get a hella sweet vacay. So, read away, my little pals.

PS I'm not out of places, just taking an itsy bitsy break from this OTT weekly jaunt to remind you that you, too, can spend three days shooing mice out of your hostel bed, eat roughly your own body weight in Indian food in the South Pacific, and decide that a solo romp around Spain is a grand way to spend a week or two.

PPS Didya see I'm famous? And full of cheapie tips should you decide to pack your bags and run away to Europe? No autographs, please. I almost never carry a pen.

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