Monday, April 19, 2010

Deckstravaganza: Undercover

Man, who are these lovely deck-wreckers? Why, silly, that's hubs and I, right after we started tearing off the deck trim!
Demo began yesterday! We started by pulling off the safety rails and then went at the floor boards. Once we pulled it all up and saw how great the open, uninterrupted view was, we started having second thoughts about our plain jane deck rail plans. Then, further confusing our plans, we found this:
Concrete stairs and a poured patio beneath the old deck!

It's amazing how much some concrete stairs can melt your mind after you've been sledgehammering for seven hours. Now, we're considering scrapping the whole deck plan and going for a big, curvy paver patio. We could slap some bricks on the existing stairs, layout tons (literally) of pavers and carve out some garden area under the bedroom window to soften the whole space.

Tonight, we're hammering away on the studs that are left and once we've got the exiting patio cleaned up, we'll make a final decision: carry on with a modified version of our deck (swapping the plain vertical wood spindles for a horizontal tension cable for a look hubs dubbed "prairie modern." Um, prairie modern? I've married a genius! Clean modern lines mixed with tall grasses and LOTS of Columbine flowers, maybe a few chickens scurrying underfoot? I swoon.) or go buck wild on an Italian-inspired paver patio the size of a baseball diamond.
What would you do?

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