Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Deckstravaganza: A ton of work

We moved a ton of freaking rocks last night. No joke.

I came home to this:

And started helping build our pile of reusable rocks (yes, gravel is insanely cheap, but we're also trying to be super green here, man, and keep unlovable debris out of the landfill) until we had this:

As that pile was growing, the pile we had ripped from its patio home shrank:
And soon we had a clean patio:
and a big pile of soon-to-be under deck gravel:
and this pile of huge concrete chunks that we will hide in the corner of our yard until neighborhood clean-up day.

Then, we still had some daylight, so we started building some markers that we'll use tonight to measure out exactly where we need to auger the footing holes. Lord willing, hubs will auger tomorrow while I'm off at an awards ceremony for work, not eating pie. He'll have some help from a pal, so don't feel too bad for him. He'll also have the best foreman in the business keeping a watchful eye, assuming he's not peeing in non-litterbox sanctioned areas, as he has been prone to do this past week.

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