Friday, April 23, 2010


Ah, Drake Relays time is here again. And depending on whose forecast you're watching, it might actually be nice weather Saturday. Late April in Des Moines can be hit-or-miss weather-wise, so warm and sunny Relays weekends must be embraced and loved when possible.

But this year, we've got a dilemma: we're building a freaking deck, people. A sunny Saturday is priceless when doing this. Our fingers are crossed that we can jack hammer through select spots in the existing patio to make room for the new deck's footings in the next two days.

However, two dutiful Drake alums can't really let a sunny Relays pass unadored. So, we're getting ambitious and hopeful - our tentative schedule involves an early morning wake up call Saturday to grab donuts and rent a jack hammer so we can spend the morning busting concrete before cleaning up and heading over to campus for the festivities.

Think we can do it? Where are you parking your keister for Relays fun (please don't say Peggy's, dear readers, you're better than drinking like a canned sardine and using portapotties, aren't you? Yes, I thought so. Yuck; I prefer my libations in koozies on a lawn with a nice bags game in the background.)?

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  1. I'm scared for you two! That is one ambitious Saturday! Good luck!


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