Monday, April 12, 2010


I just want you to know that this cat:
What a sly little shiz.
is a thief. He has learned to open the pantry door, move a five-pound bag of potatoes, remove the Tupperware lid that secures his food and help himself to a buffet.

Last week, we came home to a crime scene - Russets rolling all over the kitchen floor, a plastic lid tossed aside carelessly and a cat-head-sized dent in the Very Expensive Dental Kibble.

One night, just after climbing into bed, I heard a scooting noise. Then, hubs heard it. It was Trip, again, breaking and entering for a midnight snack.

With this, comes a mixed bag of emotions. I feel bad that he's hungry (he's on a reduced diet to avoid hitting 20 pounds and being at risk of diabetes). I'm ticked that he probably ate $10 more worth of food. I'm grossed out that he's moving our potatoes. I'm annoyed that we have to move the food to a new location. But really, I'm quite proud that I've raised a genius cat. I mean, could you be mad at this beefy hunk of feline adorableness?
T-bone, decked out in his old-timey reporter coustume for Halloween a few years ago.

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  1. Ah those beady little eyes! No wonder!!

    Capt Ralph


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