Sunday, April 18, 2010

Deck-stravaganza: Before

You may remember our big plans to overhaul our backyard by tearing down our existing deck, rebuilding it (bigger, better, best!) and adding a new paver patio so we could actually see and enjoy our massive back yard. Well, the newlyweds you first met back in the day who had stars in the eyes and dreams of a lovely backyard are about to become plumb-bob wielding DIYers one of whom was legally named the contractor on this here project (it was me! The permit office requires someone to be in charge, so I voted myself in). You see, the project has begun.
We're going to tackle the deck first - something we estimate should take us 4-6 weeks, depending on weather and house guests' levels of helping enthusiasm (both hubs' family and mine are planning visits in early May). Then, once we have a beautiful new deck, we'll slash some sod and do the pavers. Tentative deck-christening parties are planned for mid-June at this point.

Our story began when I headed out at lunch Friday to some grand old government building to show off the plans for our new deck, where I was totally confused by the permit guys who actually thought I knew what the heck was about to happen. Not the case. Regardless, we got the paperwork and were able to spend the weekend getting final quotes and beginning demo on the old deck. Now, before we get to rip-roaring this ugly POS apart, some photos of our space in all its before glory:

Ah, the box that is our deck. These wide and close slats mean not only do we not get to gaze at our lovely 3/4 of an acre, but we also end up with a literal ice box when Iowa decides to pick a fight with Mother Nature and gets blizzarded.
Clearly, this wood has been well-loved. Like, really well loved. Loved beyond recognition in fact.
Here, you can see the weirdness that is the tall wall and the "hardy" potted perennials I somehow killed.
What you see from the yard and the future location of several tons of sand, gravel and bricks.
Now this unpainted part used to be covered by a stack of firewood, which we burned through (we now keep our firewood in a part of the yard we never see because it just ain't pretty). There's also a small door there that hubs attempted to crawl through to check out the current footings. I was relieved when he couldn't due to many, many wads of chain link being shoved under there. I was having panic attacks about him being taken hostage by violent underdecklings and me having to valiantly crawl in after him. Horrifying.

The view we are missing by not having thin, far-set slats on the deck! Wouldn't you love to gaze out at this? Oh, that dead circle of grass? That's where we plop the redneck inflatable pool in the summer. Yessiree.

Next up - demo!

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  1. YAY!! I can't wait to see the demo and after! I'll be bringing my small contribution of deck screws over later this week!


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