Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Deckstravaganza: Nemesis achieved

Day two of demo, chronologically.
We ripped up the remaining frame; hubs pulled the posts out by hand (they weren't cemented in. Also, he's like, totally ripped) while I manned the Sawzall, breaking the joists down to manageable sizes. I put them in a pile, as neat and tidy as a pile of rotting wood can be.
I swept the patio because there were years of dirt, slime and mouse carcasses under there. In doing so, I pissed off a huge bumble bee, who proceeded to hunt me down for the rest of the evening. I think we bulldozed his house in all this and that little jerk is taking his revenge out on me. Hello, nemesis.
Anyway, it didn't take too long to realize these poor siding plants need to be replaced. We'll be swapping out three planks and that little 2x4 under the door. It's ugly now, but we'll get it ship shape in no time.
Yours truly, the esteemed contractor and saw junkie, with hubs, who is apparently a lumberjack.
To reward ourselves for all this hard work, we ate this: A deep dish pizza pan filled with nachos. If this doesn't make your heart sing, I urge you strongly to re-evaluate your life, your priorities and all that is American.

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