Friday, April 9, 2010

Preba rumblings

Reba McEntire and George Strait are coming to Des Moines for a sold out concert this Saturday! I'm excited because although Reba's tunes have provided my life a twangy soundtrack, I've never seen the woman in concert. Plus, we're birthday buddies.

Anyway, I'll be hitting the show with my business partner in crime, Brittney; party planning guru, Kelly; and my baby sister and senior in college, E. Obviously, we're doing this in style.

Here's the game plan:
  • E ordered us custom t-shirts, all jazzed up with our favorite Reba lyrics. Man, I can't wait to wear this one to the gym. This is the text for my and Kelly's shirts. Brittney and E will be sporting the "Here's your one chance, Fancy; don't let me down!" version.
  • I'm hosting the Preba party before the concert (Pre-Reba, yeah?). We'll listen to Reba and George's best hits while enjoying Red Velvet Trim cake bites, PBR, champagne, Plain White Trash dip (queso), Backwoods Southern Lawyer pizza (bacon and BBQ!) and Red Headed Hashcakes (mini hasbrowns made with sweet potatoes and jalapenos). Oh, yes, there will be swizzles!
E's coming all the way up from the heehaw little town she goes to school in down in the MO for the weekend. Like a good big sister, I'll take her to brunch and dazzle her with the lights of Des Moines - but only after she's helped me rake the garden. It's a flipping mess out there.

What are your weekend plans?

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