Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Signs I Might be Crazy, Installment Five

I was the lucky lady chosen to set the menu and work with the venue for an upcoming awards ceremony for my favorite professional association of all time.

This task was going just swell until I realized that we couldn’t have both the international cheese tray AND a venue-catered dessert without breaking the bank. Obviously not one to sacrifice innocent cheeses, I began to consider how cute homemade pies would be all spread out on an 8-ft. table with adorable signs (the venue coordinator said I could bring in desserts for free).

You guys, I’ve never made a pie. Yet, for a moment, in my head, I was about to get all Betty Crocker on a professional event. Clearly, peddling hand sewn aprons has taken its toll on the part of my brain that is realistic about my cooking skillz.

(P.S. I’m outsourcing the baking to a professional for this one.)

1 comment:

  1. I think homemade pies sound delish. And I would have jumped right on that crazy train to help you bake. :)


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