Friday, January 21, 2011

A new seven Ps

Ah, the seven "p"s: Prior proper planning prevents p*ss poor performance. An adage that has steered me through numerous potentially rocky situations and calmed my nerves when faced with the unknown. What would I do if the microphones don't work at an event? If I loose my shoes at a bowling alley? If the priest forgets to show up at my wedding? If the media throws a big, nasty hardball question into a warm and fuzzy interview? The answer is always the same - Seven P that shizzle! The seven Ps have saved my rump time and time again.

But, there is a new seven Ps in town: Prior proper purchasing prevents p*ss poor pouring.


We, who have no bar built and lack even a finished basement, bought a dual-tap kegerator. 

Logic went as follows: 
  • We need to know how big the kegerator is so we can build the bar snug around it. (see the seven Ps at work?)
  • might not have it if we wait until we're at the point construction-wise wherein we really need the kegerator. (yep, I said and meant "need." Do you know how grumpy homebrewers get without proper beer equipment?)
  • My sad attempts at Craigslist stalking and Twitter pleas did not lead to a used kegerator.
  • It has two taps! Two homebrews at once!
  • Shiny!
  • New!
  • Bigger!
  • Better!
  • Best!
Makes perfect sense.

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  1. Looks nice. My bf would drool all over himself if he saw this.


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