Thursday, January 20, 2011

Basement Boogie: Star studded

After the insulation comes framing. We did the top section first because on exterior walls, you just have to hang a bob plumb down and voila - the bottoms are that much easier to secure. Interior walls are easy peasy because you just attach the studs and plates (plates are horizontal and studs are vertical. Thank you, basement remodeling book from the library that we have been renewing since December.) right to the wall.

The issue we had was that one wall ran parallel to our joists (you know, the beams that keep the first floor from becoming the basement and the attic from becoming the first floor?) and we kinda needed something to attach the studs to.

Enter: faux studs (fuds? Notsomuch.).
We cut 2x4s to fit in between the sill and the joist.
And wedged them in good and tight. A few screws and we were set to begin the fun that is framing.
 From here, we were able to make good progress on the top part of the frames.
While Hubs took the lead on securing the plates, I appointed myself lead measurer and (wo)manned the saw.
Now, we've got a top plate around the exterior walls and are starting to lay bottoms and studs (blushing, but maintaining mature demeanor).
My least favorite part about the bottom plate and interior studs is that we have to use a nail gun that fires using .22 caliber shots. So, it's like, literally a nail GUN, which I did not realize until Hubs started using it, the cats hid under the bed and I felt compelled to hover behind him with my cell ready to dial 9-1-1. 

I have been assured many times that this device cannot slip out of his hands and send a .22 powered steel nail into his skull or the skull of his lovely wife. That it would fire right into the wall as soon as his grip slipped anyway.


I don't trust this sneaky death machine.

Aside from that, framing is keeping me happy as a pig in mud. We're hoping to get it wrapped up this weekend!


  1. I am so amazed that you guys are doing this all by yourselves! I was proud of myself for spray-painting bathroom fixtures - ha! Maybe there's still hope for my master bedroom redesign!!

  2. Go team! So impressed. Also not a fan of the nail gun.


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