Friday, January 14, 2011

Basement Boogie: Eating My Words

You guys? Did I say that demo was done?

Why didn't anyone smack my hands away from the keyboard before I typed that?

For it seems that just as we were making headway with the vapor barrier (which you'll see more of soon, you lucky ducks), we discovered a snag. An electrical snag. If you are familiar with home improvement snag-age or have ever seen Holmes on Homes, you probably expected this. Unlike me.

Said snag may require the demo of the ceiling in the front room of the basement. Being the little optimist I am, I acknowledge the yuckiness of this potential side-track (more dust, more demo, another freaking Bagster (bringing the total for this mess to four! Ay yi yi.)) and choose instead to celebrate the possibilities:

  • We can dump the old DIY-in-a-bad-way lighting and put in lights that, oh, I don't know....match.
  • Snag will be improved.
  • I'm willing to bet that drywalling a ceiling will lead to some buffness in the shoulder region.
So, who knows - the ceiling may go, it may stay, but either way I'm now itching to change out the lights. Thank you, Bigger, Better, Best mindset. 

Who else has a snag tale to tell?

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  1. Snags are what make it all so fun. (read with sarcasm.) If you've never rocked a are in for some fun. We strongly encourage you to rent a Drywall Hanger. Our Home Depot rents them, and they are worth every penny.

    Wow! lights that match? how cool would that be!


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