Monday, January 10, 2011

Basement Boogie: Tons O Fun

Saturday, Hubs and I were up with the sun to grab some donuts and coffee before picking up our U-Haul and beginning the days adventures.

We started at Home Depot, where we grabbed a few small items like masks and nails and new utility knives as well as 65 sheets of drywall and 120 2x4x8s. Which. Is a ton of materials. Literally.

Luckily, the fine employees of HD loaded everything into our truck, so our backs were spared for the time being. We used tons of gift cards, given to us by our basement sponsors (aka our generous family members who showered us with HD gift cards at Christmas), so our wallet wasn't even smarting too bad.

Then, the plan was to head to Menard's for insulation and trim. Sadly, the insulation at Menard's was soaking wet, to the point where it had a puddle beneath it and one of us may have been shocked by this blatant mistreatment of materials, declaring that she would NOT be taking home WET insulaTION and RUINING a brand new, totally DRY basement quite loudly. Luckily, the one of us who had a break down has a supportive spouse who quietly agreed, put the insulation back and steered her toward the trim, effectively ending the public ranting.

Anyway, we aren't going back to Menard's anytime soon. (mutter mutter who leaves insulation in water mutter mutter) (Side story: Once Hubs got a can of trail mix at Menard's that said some of the ingredients were imported from "Chili." We don't buy snacks at Menard's anymore, either).

We got our trim and headed back to Home Depot for the insulation, where it was stored in a very dry location.

Then, it was unloading time. The insulation was a breeze to take to the basement and the 2x4s weren't bad, but oh! Why didn't I know how heavy drywall was? Luckily, Hubs was well aware and bought two of these handy handles to help out.

Stanley 93-301 14-Inch Yellow Panel Carry Handle
Even still, moving 2,000 pounds of anything isn't fun, so by the time we got it all downstairs, I was wiped out and left unable to make a normal face. 

Did I mention it was 10 degrees out? Because it was.


  1. Feeling your pain, friend. That drywall is HEAVY! And I am so with you on the wet insulation! WHAT THE HECK? really?

    Time to "rock" and roll! =-)

  2. Aaack. I salute you for hauling all the drywall holy crap!!


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