Friday, January 7, 2011

Basement Boogie: Demo-licious

Yep. 2006 never really ended in this little noggin.

While I was up in the gym, just a-workin' on my fitness, Hubs was gettin' all kinds of demo-licious in the basement.

Two major demo projects needed doin':

1. Ripping out the old base studs so we can replace them with treated ones (so that in the off-chance that our dry little haven ever sees another drop of water, at least the studs won't rot) and ...
I think I told you this would be thrilling, right?

2. Breaking down the home-made bar left by previous owners. Sure, it was a decent bar and a fun surprise for us when we first moved in, but it was a little frat-house for our highly discerning and upscale tastes.

And after.

Bonus: Though it was never hooked up to pipes in this house, it was once. And now we have a cute tiny red sink to post on Craigslist. Unless one of you want it? With new fixtures, it could be adorable.

Tomorrow, we have a U-Haul reserved for an early-morning run to the donut shop and two hardware stores. It's not supposed to snow and we figured we'd take advantage of the dry weather to bring in insulation. And, as long as we're having to rent a truck (like 4x8 insulation is going to fit in a VW Rabbit), let's get all the studs, the trim and drywall.

Why the heck not?

P.S. Happy birthday to my mom, who fearlessly purchased a six-pack of adult footie pajamas (with hoods! and thumb holes! and they matched!), thereby creating the most hysterical Christmas in recent memory. Have a most excellent birthday, Mom!


  1. I rock out to Fergs at the gym too! BEP make great work out music.

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