Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Although the food wasn't DIY except for plopping the cheese wheels for our cake on to one another, we definitely kept it unique. Basically, we looked at the menu of what our caterers did best (also, the best caterer in Des Moines. Also known as Taste to Go.) and picked out what looked good.

We made sure to include a few little shout-outs in food form, like crab cakes since my parents live in Maryland  and a mushroom station Hubs earned after washing the second story windows of my parents house in the Lou when they were selling.

Mushies, flying.

I blogged about our tasting waaaay back in the day. I can't even look at that post right now because I might weep openly at the thought of never again having that exact same combination of salmon crepes, chocolate malts and potato skins. Unless. You want to borrow the menu and invite me to your wedding. Eh? Whaddayasay, pal?

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