Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cutting the cheese

My sister and I made that topper out of a foam block and some $4 grocery store flowers. Looks good, right?

The second I discovered the wedding cheese cake, I knew Hubs and I would have to have one. I'm talking stacks of cheese wheels here, folks. Not actual cheese cake. We love cheese, adore cheese, make weekly rituals of cheese and since you can get cheese for dessert at fancypants restaurants, we figured why not? (We did scoop up a cheapo sheet cake at Costco for any anti-fromage-ites in attendance.)
Here we are, Hubs' homebrew in hand (he made two brews for the party and both were delicious!), about to cut the cheese together. Ba dum ching.

We had a great time picking out our cheeses, too. Our criteria were that we needed tasty cheeses, pretty cheeses and cheeses with a little backstory. The bottom layer was Manchego, which fit the tasty and pretty requirements. In the middle is Maytag blue cheese, which is made not too far from our adopted hometown of Des Moines. The top was Pierre Robert (it's like a brie), which is our favorite cheese.

I'll admit, we had a lot of leftovers of this (which we did not mind at all), but I can't imagine a cake that could have possibly been more perfect.

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