Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Not Eating San Francisco

Contrary to popular belief, Hubs and I did not just roll around San Francisco, eating and boozing it up all day long. There was a lot of walking. A lot. But, I will say, we only spent about a tenth of our vacation entertainment budget on non-food items.

Since we were staying in Union Square, we started our first day of walking by heading toward Chinatown, where we perused junky souvenir shops and browsed an herb store.

Next up was Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill. It was a helluva climb. My buns are still disgruntled about it. The disgruntledness was increased when we learned the tower had closed three days prior for renovations. Oh well, the view was spectacular, even from the ground.

 We made our way to Fisherman's Wharf and decided (after a quick consult with Yelp) to take a bay cruise with Adventure Cat (the reviews were great, but two crazy cat people such as ourselves were not about to ignore the awesome name, even if it referred not to felines, but to the catamaran structure of the boat).

On our way to the boat, we saw jut a few seals.

It was fa-reezing that day and even colder on the bay. Luckily, the kindly crew of the Adventure Cat provided sweet cuddly jackets.

We sailed under the bridge and since the other side is the Pacific Ocean, the boat was kind of surfing on huge ten-foot swells. I'd never seen anything like it (mostly because the bulk of my sea-faring experience is actually lake-faring experience). Hands down, the $40 tickets were the best (non-food) money we spent!

The next day, we went south to the Mission for lunch and then hopped a bus to Postcard Row, also known as the spot where the Tanners ate a picnic in the opening scenes of Full House. Ah, yes, we do know how to get cultured on vacation.

After huxing it back up north near the wharf for some shopping on Union Street, we hopped a trolley and opted for the bars outside rather than seats. The driver let the brake totally go down a few steep hills and let me just say, I feared for not my life, but Hubs' because my big ol' feet were taking up most of the room on the tiny perch.
Just like at home, we dig the cheap/and free activities that get us outside and moving - if we aren't scarfing everything in sight.

Have you ever almost died on a trolley?

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