Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Let's try this again!

Friends. I cobbled together some invitation-ish photos. The real ones were just a scootch more fabulous. We printed them on metallic paper, mounted them on thick purple cardstock and wrapped all the elements together with sheer ribbons with the guests' name on them. The envelopes were stamped and lined with ivory wrapping paper with birdcages on it. I practiced my pretty handwritting real hard and addresses them all. I printed our return address and included a hidden cat, because, obviously, we're very cool. Why I did not capture them in photo form is beyond me.

The save the dates that started it all.

I rounded the edges of everything. I think you can attest that it really classes things up.

Behold the stampage and the proof of our invitations. I'm a wedding blog failure fo' sho.

It took a village to construct these puppies. I had my mother-in-law stamping, Nana folding, my dad cutting, my mom manning the glue sticks and Hubs (poor Hubs) rounded corners like a champ. No matter what anyone says, nor how long their blister scars remain - we had fun. Right, team?

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