Monday, November 15, 2010

Eating San Francisco

We never meant for our big California vacation to be a gastronomical tour, but it just kind of happened. We got sushi first at an unassuming but amazing place near our hotel in Union Square. It was incredibly fresh and there were rolls and sashimi we'd never seen in DeMo.

We made reservations at Wayfare Tavern, which was a short walk from our hotel, for our first night so we didn't have to think too much on our first day. While the atmosphere of the restaurant was supposed to be casual, our waiter clearly thought he was serving at the hoitiest, toitiest hot spot in the universe. Nothing like being tired and covered in airport germs and then being belittled by a snooty server to make a gal feel at ease.
My silly Iowa bumpkin* assessment of the service aside, the dinner was amazing. A spicy zinfandel and prosciutto wrapped dates started us off and then Hubs got the duck and I had the amazing fired chicken shown above (half eaten, because I couldn't stop myself). There was sage in the breading and lots of lemon and garlic. I was in love.

The next night, we again stuck close to our hotel and went to Scala's Bistro, where we split a few small plates including my first go at beef carpaccio. The food was excellent and the whole place was more relaxed than the previous night. I also loved that the beer list had full-on tasting notes for Bud Heavy.

The next day, we took a stroll to Fisherman's Wharf and had some sourdough at Boudin. I loved the little doughy turtles!

The following day, we walked through the Union Street shops and did a little mid-afternoon bar hopping (it was vacation). I stumbled upon American Cupcake and almost died from giddy joy. I mean, check out the ceiling:

Even better than the bubbly decor was the actual cupcake. I got a smore one and almost didn't want to eat it, it was so pretty. I have phantom tastes of it every once in a while because it shook my cupcake-lovin' soul so hard.

We finished things off with a trip to the Mission neighborhood and some burritos at La Cumbre. Hubs got beef and I went with veggie. Both were awesome!

Mess not with a dude and his burrito.

Did we miss anything?

*Ah, stereotypes! Thanks for making it easy.


  1. We were in SanFran over Labor Day this year and LOVED IT! We also stayed in Union Square and made it a point to only eat in off-the-path spots. We took recommendations from hotel staff, bartendars and random locals and were only disappointed once. I would love to go back, what a great city!

  2. Yes, you have to go to the Stinky Rose the next time you visit SF.

  3. Anon - We walked by the Stinky Rose! Any restaurant themed around garlic is a friend of mine. We'll definitely stop in next time.

  4. We actually ate there our last night - I think I tasted garlic for the next three days! So amazing though.


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