Monday, November 15, 2010

Where in the world is BBB?

Surprise! While you all were feasting your eyes on the little soiree wherein one nutty Missourian married a frat boy turned scientist, the Bigger, Better, Best clan was traipsing the globe, eating food far too delicious for mere mortals.
This photo was taken on perhaps the most terrifying cab ride of my sea-level-lovin' life. 

We spent a few days in San Francisco before gobbling up half of Napa. I've got tons of photos and tall tales of sushi so fresh it smacked us and pastries so delicate, we didn't even eat them, we breathed them. 

Oh, kids. California might be full of steep hills and lots of girls in riding boots (I want some. I crave a pair. But, the rump says no. The rump makes me in those sweet, buttery boots look like a mean old Welsh farm matron.), but it stole our collective heart. 

We'll be reliving the party all week because frankly, this trip can't be summed up in even the cheat-iest One Thing Thursday. Unless that one thing could be eat until the button flies off your jeans in the posh (and thankfully one-lady-at-a-time) bathroom at Morimoto Napa, because that totally rocked. It's an experience I just shouldn't have to bear alone.

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  1. There better be a "rent a tandem bike" on One Thing Thursday. Just sayin.


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