Sunday, November 21, 2010

Readers, I need your help

Now, more than ever, I beseech your assistance, you awesome gaggle of readers.

You see, with the basement in a current state of extreme disarray and the basement being the location of our only fireplace, we have no where logical to hang our little Christmas socks.

Kinda, except ours would read, "Dear Santa, We have a chimney, but please do not use it as it is located in a construction zone. However, if you'd like to burn off some cookies and are handy with vapor barriers, please feel free to do some work. XO"

So far, I've got a few ideas:

  • Buy a floating shelf and screw in hooks on the bottom, put it somewhere in the living or dining room
    • Pro: Central location, I've been wanting a floating shelf for a while anyway
    • Con: Could be too heavy (Santa likes to bring cans of beer in this house)
  • Hang them from some sconces that have hooks already 
    • Pro: Central location
    • Con: Ga-he-tto, not enough for all five stockings (two people, two cats, one turtle)
  • Nails on the living room wall
    • Pro: Central location, good excuse to get some new wall art post-holidays
    • Con: Extreme pressure to find wall art post-holiday or spackle and paint
  • Get the weighted hook stands and put them on the piano
    • Pro: Central location
    • Con: Dangling family heirlooms within paws' reach of two bastard cats will likely result in tears, lots of yarn, no stockings for 2011
I'm curious which of these you like and if you have any great ideas! How have you gotten creative with stocking placement? 


  1. I'd go with the floating shelves and a note to Santa that gifts of beer are truly appreciated, and could he kindly leave them on the shelf or perhaps in the fridge with a small note to the recipient of where to locate the beverages!

  2. Dear Alexson & Paul,

    Thank you for the "heads-up", I appreciate the warning.

    Many years ago, well before you all were born, when the family abode did not have a fireplace (there were several of those!) the appropriate location for the family stockings (when no fireplace was available) was of course the 'ol piano...even before it was green!

    That said, I do not recall having to negotiate around many felines with questionable heritage in their ancestral lineage....yes, that is a problem, I will admit.

    Nonetheless, being the traditionalist I am, I would have to go with the Wurlitzer, as that is tradition. Hmmm, maybe an electric fence around 'ol green might protect those precious family heirlooms for 2011 and beyond.

    OK, gotta go, I have list to make and need to check it twice so I know who is naughty and nice....BTW, the Mrs. says her vote would be the shelf with strageic beer placement elsewhere.....



  3. It's not ideal, but I think this year I'll be hanging our stockings on the coat hooks by our front door. It's not exactly a central location in our place, but our other option is to not hang them at all-just stuff them and lay them down on the back of our piano or the kitchen table. It's our first Christmas together, so I'm making it up as I go, but I'm thinking the non-central location might come in handy for sneaking things in over the week or two before Christmas.

  4. so we hang ours from the side of the stairs. we are only 2 people and 1 cat, mind you, but it works for us. i'm not talking banister, i dangle other nonsense there, i'm talking like from the actual stair, if that makes sense. we just put a nail in the opening that's already there between the molding and the stairs and it can handle the weight of possibly a few beers. hope this makes sense.

  5. Another ghetto idea (so of course one I use all the time). Fishing line. You can put a nail into an inconspicuous place like above doorway trim and stretch it wherever else. It's sturdy too, just ask a 14ft marlin.


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