Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Eye snacks

Hello again! Well, Mizz B over at Poverty with a View called me out. I've been a ridonkulously awful blogger. So, what better way to get started again than with some snacks!

So, the wedding is oh, about 93 days away and like I posted months and months ago - the big stuff is all planned. Last month, the Man, Momma, Nana and I met up at Taste to Go, possibly the yummiest caterer in the DeMo. We sampled the reception food and it was delightful! We are doing buffet stations, with passed appetizers and plated salads.

We started with the Cesar salad, some potato (and bacon and blue cheese and caramelized onion) bites from the American station and tangy-sweet chicken kabobs fro the kabob station. These pictures aren't the best, but trust me, the food was incredible!

From there, we moved on to the mushroom station - sauteed mushies with wild rice and chewy bread from La Mie. Even my mom, who thought this was a weird station was smitten!

Then, the crepe station (apricot with marscapone creme)!

And finally, the reason I wanted stations, stations and more stations - the mini milkshakes from the American station. So, I know my stations don't follow a theme (other than "Oh, lordy, is that awesome!"), but whatever. If we want to celebrate our union with baby milkshakes and piles and piles of fungi, celebrate we shall!

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