Thursday, August 6, 2009

Power Hour

I’m normally a very quick shopper. I’m not a huge fan of leisurely afternoons spent lolly-gagging around pretty boutiques with no real purpose. I’m more of a woman on a mission, shopping only when I know exactly what I need. (Reality check: I’m young and fashionably poor. Afternoons spent loll-gagging around pretty boutiques will likely seem much more appealing when I’m a wildly rich and successful lady who lunches.)

So, as my two bridal showers and rehearsal dinner rapidly approach, I thought I’d hit the jack pot with a spree at ModCloth.



From ModCloth
(Currently sold out, but I just mailed back a medium today!)

As super precious as these were, a quick fashion show (by me, for the cat … shut up) revealed that God just didn’t intend for me to sport ModCloth’s adorable frocks. If you are busty and short (I’m neither), you’ll look fabulous in them, though. Go shop!

Cut to today. I’ve got an hour lunch and there’s a mall a few stop lights from the office. Not wanting to be a last minute panic-shopper, I mosey on down to Von Maur. Twenty minutes later:

Shower dress A

From Von Maur

Shower Dress B
(No picture, it was on clearance. I assure you it screams, “I’m a bride! Thank you, dear ladyfriends, for showering me with toasters, blenders and love.”)

Then, I got a Baja Gordita. My gift to myself for being such a quick and savvy little thing.

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