Thursday, August 13, 2009

Confessions of a 'tato

HTB e-mailed me the best idea yesterday. It was so simple, but it totally blew my mind. He said, “Why don’t we only watch TV shows we really want to and ban ourselves from it otherwise?”

Say whaaaat?

Yes, kids. I’m a couch potato. If I’m tired on a Tuesday, nothing feels better then settling in to some mindless Golden Girls. Oh, TV rays, melt away my cares, my woes.

Starting yesterday, we decided to only tune in to new episodes of the following:

  • Mad Men
  • Iron Chef
  • Bridezillas
  • Today Show
  • Chopped
  • Top Chef/Top Chef Masters

I’m not sure what this says about us as people. Classy, food, trashy, Al Roker, food, food, FOOD. Yep, that about sums us up.

Obviously, with it being Wedding Crap Wednesday, it was quite easy to stay away from the TV. I had wine labels to design and print, envelopes to address, things to do. I’ll let you know how it goes from here!

Do you have TV discipline? Or are you a tater, too?

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  1. Hey, I totally started disciplining my TV time at the beginning of the summer- only allowing myself TV after 8pm... my theory being I wouldn't be too productive after that anyway. So, far I've been waking up earlier, exercising more, and having a lot more luncheons!


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