Monday, August 17, 2009

Glistening Like a Guppy at a Sushi Bar*

An impending wedding is a wonderful excuse for a lot of things: manicures, new shoes, dropping hundreds at Hobby Lobby, etcetera. Like thousands of soft-around-the-edges brides before me, I’ve also used the fact that everyone I know (and love) will be looking at me all. day. long. (I cannot be the only one who finds this equal parts awesome and terrifying) to tone up a bit. I do a weight class twice a week and focus on cardio two days. I look pretty dang good, if you ask me!

This morning after weights, however, I was not looking so hot. Let me rephrase that, I looked like I’d been wandering in the desert for weeks and then got slapped in the face with a hot oven mitt. The air conditioning at the gym was broken. Did not work a lick. I was red, huffing, puffing and glowing more than any lady has a right to. It was not pretty.

Moral of the story: If you go to the gym and the instructor says, “OK, guys, the AC is out, let’s warm up those muscles.” Run. Run and don’t look back. Run to the nearest Perkins, get a muffin and tell yourself you will workout tomorrow. Serious.

*I know guppies aren't in sushi. That alliteration was too much to pass up. I've forgiven me, now it's your turn.

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