Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Food for food's sake

It's Restaurant Week in Des Moines! Thirty or forty restaurants, from the highbrow to the slightly shady, are offering prix fixe (oooo, you know it's fancy now!) dinners for $25 a person.

Last year, HTB and I only made it to one restaurant, but this year, we are doing two! We did Mojo's on 86th last weekend and tonight, we are off to Alba.

My favorite part of Mojo's was the sweet corn ice cream. It was weird, but good. The waitress even cracked pepper on it. Alba has sweet corn ice cream, too, but jeez, y'all - I'm not really from Iowa. I can only take so much. I'll be getting the pineapple ceviche.

Side note: Three things that will forever separate me from real Iowans are: I can't eat my weight in sweet corn; I don't live for the Iowa State Fair (whaaaat?) and I don't give a hoot who is playing whom on September 12. Sorry, Iowa.

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  1. Gawd. I can't believe I know you. First the fair now, you don't care about the Iowa/Iowa State game.

    On a lighter note, went to Django for restaurant week. Delish and free. Matt's parents took us!


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