Friday, August 14, 2009

Ridiculous Ranunculus

I’m not a flower person and our wedding won’t be super floral. The church is already lovely and the reception hall is big and dark, so candles will be our main accent.

Anyway, yes, back to flowers.

Turns out, I drool over ranunculus (does anyone else stumble over that word in speech and spelling? It’ll be the death of me).

Source unknown, I’ve had this on my computer for ages. If it’s yours, let me know and I’ll right my wrongs. PS: nice dress, too!

These are even purple, which is what my bouquet will be! I love the millions of layers in these flowers. They are like the onion of the flower world (always back to food with this one).

Other news: my mom is heading into town tomorrow with some project-fodder. Two spindly, antique end tables I painted lime-green in my misdirected youth. I’ve been itching to use my sander and can’t wait to get these ladies back to lovelytown.

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