Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Manjewelry, we haz it

Last night, HTB and I devoured some scrumptious chicken fajitas (courtesy of his mad skills and our slow cooker), then scooted our boots down to Iowa Diamond to pick up our wedding rings!

To go with my classic solitaire, I got plain white gold bands. One will be soldered to my engagement ring (to avoid denting the soft metal) and the other will be for when I am doing something too intense for the poor e-ring (wrangling cattle? repairing fence posts? I'm not really sure who the jeweler mistook me for, but clearly, she is a more laborious soul than I).

HTB picked out a classic ring with a twist. The edges are smooth palladium and the middle detail is a subtle hammered look. He even picked it out in under an hour, which is decidedly un-HTB of him. This isn't it, but you get the idea.

So, one more thing done. Tonight is another WCW, so I'm hoping to get through a lot of the more tedious, less DIY stuff. Wish me luck.

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